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I’ve taken several road trips by myself. Enjoyed it. No one else to want to stop places of little interest to me, to not want to go off the path, tell me what to do, generally (or try to!). Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy road trips with others, just good to go by yourself sometimes. Know it isn’t for everyone but I love it! I’ll tell you the story of how I found out that I liked it.

Way back, early 1980’s, had a frequent flyer ticket (not miles, one voucher for ticket to anywhere in the US). Back in that time, didn’t have a lot of money so decided to go by myself (I know, I’m selfish!). Went to Boston on Saturday and flew back on Monday. Just enjoyed two days by myself. Rented a car in Boston and drove up the coast to have Maine lobster. Hadn’t been to New England before and took (I thought) some great pictures. Back in the car and spent the night in Worcestor MA. Sunday morning, headed out, had breakfast in Connecticut, don’t remember where, didn’t matter as long I was in another state. Then drove across Rhode Island. Took some pictures in Providence.  Then, where to? Took the road all the way to Provincetown, the end of Cape Cod. Spent less than an hour and turned around. Stopped along the beaches both out and back. Of course, had to stop in Hyannis Port. 

Back into Boston after dark. Yes, all I did was drive all day except for stops to take pictures and eat. Of course, I was young and stupid in those days so didn’t realize there were some areas where I shouldn’t go! Trying to find a place to stay, hadn’t even booked anything. Went into a bar and tried to ask directions. A cop was there, took pity on this kid from North Dakota (grew up in MN but lived in Fargo at the time) and had me follow him to a low priced but “safe” hotel! 

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Next morning, “tried” to drive around Boston. That’s a real treat. Looked for Fenway Park. Found the address but it certainly didn’t look like a ball park. Asked someone and she looked at me like I was an idiot. I was standing in front of it! Walk around the corner and go 100 feet and there was the actual stadium! Being Monday morning, of course, not a game but just wanted to see it. Not really a Red Sox fan, just had to see this iconic ballpark.  Also drove by Boston Garden. Been a Celtic fan for a long time. 

Now, you ask, why would I do a trip like that? Because I could, I guess, is my only answer. It kindled a real interest in doing road trips. Probably need to call this a mini-road trip since it was only Saturday thru Monday. But, gave me a taste. That’s a long time ago and the details have faded. Maybe I’ll write about a couple of other trips sometime.

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