Route 66 and return – Final wrap up – Random thoughts and ramblings

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Believe I’ve been going on too long about this trip. This will be my final post on that trip. (Hold your applause, please!) I may be able to provide a link to the trip picture book when it’s completed but that will be several months.

And here are some links to other pages: Link to “By the Numbers”, a link to Wrap Up Part 1, and a Link to Wrap Up Part 2. And while I’m at it, I’ll give you links to all the posts about the long road home.  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10.

The trip was really the trip of a lifetime. I can’t believe I will be able to do a month-long road trip again. For most people, taking a trip like this will mean you are retired or have a very flexible job. Words can’t explain and pictures won’t do it justice. Highly encourage anyone to do this trip or to do parts of the trip. Talked with people who have done the trip in sections. Taking several vacations to cover it all.

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Initially, I was going to turn in the car in LA and fly back. Decided to drive back as well and see other attractions. Saw Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley and Monument Valley. While they were all spectacular, I was surprised that Death Valley was so beautiful. Basically, it’s a desert with about 2 inches of rain a year. Rock formations, all the subtle colors, the general terrain and the mountain ranges all around it. I’d like to go back and see other parts of the park as well.

I’ll end with Ramblings and Random Thoughts!

All of the heroes of Route 66 must be applauded, encouraged and saluted!

You MUST have a sense of humor if you stop at Uranus MO. Remember, it’s about the planet!

The Sno Cap Drive In in Seligman AZ is a hoot!

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Meteor Crater west of Winslow AZ is a must see as is “Standing on the Corner Park” in Winslow. (Yes, it is based on the Eagles song. Jackson Browne wrote the song but gave some credit to Glen Frey. The story is that Browne was once stranded overnight in Winslow.)

When passing through Chandler OK, stop in and thank Jerry McClanahan for all of his contributions to Route 66

The Miraculous Staircase in Santa Fe NM is also a Must See

Getting a completion certificate and being named a “Road Scholar” when arriving at Santa Monica Pier was a great surprise. Will have to frame that one!

Bob’s Gasoline Alley near Cuba MO about 1 mile off ’66 is amazing. Huge collection of gasoline stations signs. Lots of old gas pumps and other motoring memorabilia as well.

There is a lot to see in Illinois so don’t schedule too many miles each day. MO is similar but as you get further west, the attractions get further apart. The pre-1937 route goes thru Santa Fe which I recommend.

….but don’t miss going back east when coming into Albuquerque from Santa Fe to see the Singing Highway! I’ve included a link to YouTube here. The source is credited at the bottom. I did a recording on my phone as well but this one has better sound. The rumble strips to play this are in the eastbound lane only. You must go 45 MPH to get the best sound.


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I’ll be back with more road trip posts soon. On May 10th thru 13th, will be at a Navy Reunion in San Diego with some time in Anaheim spent with family on the front and back-end. I’ll do some posts from there. My other “duty” is to find travel posts that are unique. There are likely hundreds of thousands of travel blogs “out there” so will have a challenge to be unique.