The Bad Waitress – Really?

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Why would you eat at a place like this? Bad Waitress? Really? Yes, the name is The Bad Waitress – Really it is. It doesn’t mean “bad” in the typical sense but in the vernacular of the year of the founding (2005), “Bad” meant “Awesome”. So, of course, you want to eat there! So, even if the servers don’t always like it, they are stuck with it! Here is a link to The Bad Waitress website. Inspired by 1940s and 1950s pulp-fiction books, The Bad Waitress decor is retro; retro lighting, pleather booths, old movie posters, old style napkin dispensers, and more. The tables and booths are designated with a super hero card. More on that later in this post.

The Bad Waitress - Really
SciFi wall at The Bad Waitress

A theme of The Bad Waitress is SciFi books, stories and movies from the 1940s and 1950s. Here are posters related to the theme. The retro look continues with the retro napkin dispenser and the old sugar dispenser as well. I don’t see the super hero name on this table but it must be there someplace. Fortunately for picture taking, the mid-afternoon was slow so I could show you empty tables!

Interior of The Bad Waitress

Bad Waitress
Part of dining room at The Bad Waitress

The other dining room in The Bad Waitress looks out on 26th street. The retro look continues with the kitchen table and chairs from the 1950s and the old time juke box. Even the floor is old style. Again, I’ve seen very good reviews on breakfast here. The place serves an eclectic group of customers from students to artists to musicians to professionals to families living in the area. Even a retired old blogger! Although they do have another restaurant in “The Nordeast” this post is about the location on Eat Street. The Bad Waitress closes at 10 PM every night, opens at 7 AM Monday – Friday, 7:30 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. (By the way, the “Nordeast” is an old neighborhood in northeast Minneapolis that continues to be a great place to live and be entertained. Many of the early residents, being of Scandinavian descent, talked like that!)

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Bad Waitress Menu

Bad Waitress Menu
Bad Waitress Menu

While I stopped in for dessert, The Bad Waitress has a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves alcohol as well. As you see above, they do have a Happy Hour during the week. The Bad Waitress partners with local distributors, including farms, co-ops, and bakeries for much of their supplies. They strive to leave the smallest footprint on the planet. They ensure you enjoy the freshest ingredients with a side of food ethics and morality. Local musicians come in on Thursday evening, adding great sounds. Whether you need a quick cup of coffee or a glass of something stronger, your order at The Bad Waitress will always be memorable.

Now, we get to the Super Hero card!

Bad Waitress
Famous Order Slip

Since The Bad Waitress doesn’t require their servers to take orders, patrons must fill out this order slip, writing their menu choices on this slip and bringing it to the counter. Sounds kind of “fast foodish” but it works. Most returning patrons love the place so it’s a minor inconvenience. I guess restaurants have to do something to make a statement about themselves.

…and The Bad Waitress has desserts…

Great Banana Split!

My dessert for the week! Nothing fancy but who doesn’t like a banana split once in a while! Tasted great (except for the pineapple which I always forget to ask them to leave off!). The Bad Waitress is an enjoyable place, right on the corner of E. 26th Street and Nicollet Avenue South. On a great fall day, fun to take time eating and watch the traffic (cars and pedestrians) moving around on Eat Street. Quiet day when I was there so no problems with service. I did read through a number of reviews and they are mixed, but mostly 4s and 5s. However, many restaurants have similar experiences. I believe some people expect something different. However, there are a number of reviewers who seem to be regulars and they love this place.

So, that’s all for now from The Bad Waitress! See you on the flip side!

In case you want to know more about Eat Street, here is a link.

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“Yours Truly, 2095” by Electric Light Orchestra

I sent a message to another time,
But as the days unwind, this I just can’t believe,
I send a note across another plane,
Maybe it’s all a game, but this I just can’t conceive
I drive the very latest Hover car,
I don’t know where you are
But I miss you so much till then,
I met someone who looks a lot like you,
She does the things you do, but she is an IBM

Written by: Jeff Lynne
(Best song for a SciFi themed place?)