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So you want to get travel and road trip news? Or other news from The Driveby Tourist? And you’ve come to the right place: The Driveby Tourist News & Information page. I’ve created it because I have better control of the format and sequence of the news, information, and miscellaneous posts I publish. There may be links from here that also have links from other pages. And this informational page will grow and change over time.

The Driveby Tourist News & Information
Route 66 in northern New Mexico

Informational Page

Route 66 Bucketlist discussion

In January 2022, I found a podcast called the “Bucket List crosser.offer.” He interviewed me, and here’s the interview! It’s Episode 2 of Season 2, posted on 02/04/2022. And here’s a link to his website.

The Driveby Tourist appearance on a podcast

He’s recorded some exciting podcasts about various types of “bucket list” items.

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Minnesota Weather

While the website,, ranks Minnesota as having the worst winters of all 50 states, we have great summers! And for many of us hardy Minnesotans, winter is the best month. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, skating, outdoor hockey, winter carnivals, and I could go on and on. But, for the informational page, to enhance the stereotype, here are some extreme records:

  • The lowest temperature ever recorded: -60 F (-51 C), February 2, 1996 – Tower MN.
  • Largest Single Day change: 71 F (39 C), April 3, 1982, Lamberton MN
  • International Falls (on the border with Canada) once had 18 days ending on December 31, 1924, when the high temperature for the day did not exceed 0 F.
  • The earliest recorded snowfall was August 31, 1949, in Duluth MN
  • Latest recorded snowfall June 4, 1935, in Mizpah MN
  • The coldest high temperature for the day, -29F, January 6, 1909, International Falls MN

This page is meant to be The Driveby Tourist News & Information page, but we can’t talk about Minnesota without mentioning the weather!

Classic Rock Recollection

“One of the Boys” by Huey Lewis and The News from the album “Weather”!

Well, it’s plain to see, I got my wish
And I’ve been lucky ever since then
And one day, I’m meeting my maker
I don’t know where or when
But I still love the gypsy life
Yeah, I’m still havin’ fun
And though I ain’t gettin’ any younger, I’m a
Long way from done

Writer(s): Huey Lewis, Christopher John Hayes, John Victor Colla
(And who else should it be on the news and information page!)