Traveling with a travel partner who doesn’t fit the “Driveby Tourist” mode!

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If you are a true Driveby Tourist, it’s challenging to travel with another person, sometimes even if that person is also a Driveby Tourist! You probably need to get out of Driveby Tourist mode or have a very understanding travel partner. Ways to ride it out and get out of Driveby Tourist mode:

1.      Stock up on Xanax!

2.      Recognize that you just can’t stop at everything (likely everything your travel partner wants to see) and reach an agreement with your travel partner.

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3.      Bring a book, have enough games on your phone, or do other activities you do like (write a blog post, for example!)

4.      Maybe your travel partner is a Driveby Tourist as well!

5.      While trip planning, ensure there are enough attractions where you are OK with not being in Driveby mode. Even I have some places I’d spend most of the day! (Examples: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Fame.) But even in these two (to some degree) and most museums, I’m in Driveby Mode. Unlikely you will remember much that you don’t have in a picture! Don’t take time to read all the plaques.

6.      Find places where you can split up while each of you feeds your travel desires. Historical sections of cities sometimes offer that. My wife and I did that in Boston a few years ago.

Driveby Tourist with a tour group

1.      Avoid if possible!

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2. Don’t do it if traveling alone! (But this is about traveling with a partner.)

3.       Review all the details carefully before agreeing to go. It may be something that even a Driveby Tourist could stay interested in doing.

4.      Find out how much structure the individual stops have. I may be able to see a bit of everything instead of only seeing part of what is there. And you can always catch up on your exercise by walking! (Remember, 10,000 steps a day is the “magic number”!

Driveby Tourist on a cruise:

1. I don’t think I want to go there!

2.      May need to do a cruise to see how you would do on it.

Will take a lot of effort for a Driveby Tourist and a travel partner who wants to take the time to read plaques, sit through long videos and see fewer attractions but see them in-depth. Best to just set a meeting place and time to check in with each other. Or just occasional calls. But have the place and time for areas with poor cell phone reception, fully discharged cell phones, and no cell phone zones. (In other words, always have a place and time worked out!)

Classic Rock Recollection

“Everyday People” by Sly & The Family Stone

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Written by: Sylvester Stewart