Travels on Day 0 – Chicago!

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The Driveby Tourist is headed out for the Route 66 trip! You’ll see more on other posts about Travels on Day 0 – Chicago. Specifically, Positioning to Chicago. After all, been planning this for a long time.

Travels on Day 0 - Chicago

My first “stop”. But, it was just to stop along the highway to get a picture of a Wisconsin sign. I know, kind of boring but had to document my progress. Does feel good to be underway. And getting to another state feels like a start. And Chicago will make it even better! Here’s a link to a site about the start.

Travels on Day 0 - Chicago

Need to learn something. Haven’t figured out how to separate and resize the pictures on the blog. You will see my learning experiences! But, since I’m into Travels on Day 0 – Chicago, still learning.

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Started out from home with 4 inches of snow to push off the rental car (Hyundai Accent – economy car) and headed for Chicago. After I got onto I-94 downtown Minneapolis, the roads were clear. No problem the rest of the way. As I said, was just “positioning” today. Took pictures of the Welcome signs to Wisconsin and Illinois.

Finishing Travels on Day 0 – Chicago

I got to the hotel at 8:30. Right downtown Chicago on the river and near Lake Michigan. It’s about 1/2 mile to the beginning of Route 66. Great hotel. 33rd floor with a view of downtown. I could have paid a lot more for the river view but economy won out as I’m leaving in the morning. Funny, I see Trump Tower out of my window! (No, I’m not being political, just a comment.)

Route 66 here I come! I’m ready and I guess Route 66 doesn’t care if I’m ready but at least I’m in Chicago!

Expect to be in Pontiac IL from Chicago tomorrow. I’ll be back then with a post about the day! I’ll see some historic attractions on the way.

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