Unique Shops in Kearney MO

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Kearney isn’t only about Jesse James anymore! You’ll find some unique shops in Kearney, MO. It’s right along Interstate 35, about 25 miles north of downtown Kansas City. If you love shopping, make this a stop. Maybe you got here by following a link from a page with more about Kearney, but if you didn’t here’s the link to that one. That provides more information about things to do in Kearney. Follow along for more shopping information.

Unique Shops in Kearney MO - Check out Bea's Flowers & Gifts

Let’s go on a tour of the shopping places in Kearney. Pick the ones you’ll enjoy, or visit them all. You may be surprised! (And the guys, too. Shopping isn’t just for women; you don’t have to tell your friends you went shopping!)

Here are four places you’ll likely visit. The fifth is a bridal shop and if you are a visitor, you likely won’t be here for buying, unless you know the bride who lives nearby. Maybe you want some ideas for another wedding?

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Bea’s Flowers & Gifts

Bea’s started as a flower and memorial place. The merchandise expanded, and a few years ago, after the current owner bought the store, it moved to its present location. This large store now offers many more gift options, both serious and light-hearted. Click or tap here for the website.



Flowers remain a large part of their offering. They were a main original product over the years. Many customers still depend on Bea’s for their floral needs. The gifts became a natural progression.


  Want to see a shop for my road trip photos? You can have them printed as wall art or puzzles. They also work on coffee mugs, t-shirts and more! So, take a look. Maybe you'll see something you will like!

My mom wants tacos!
The shop offers several racks of light-hearted products like this.


Welcome to Bea’s Gifts, a contribution to the Unique Shops in Kearney, MO! In addition to flowers and memorials, the store is chock-full of many interesting gift items.

I could continue to include pictures, but you must visit to see more!

Paisley Candle & Home – one of the unique shops in Kearney, MO

The store started with candles. Initially, the business started with making and selling candles. They still make their own and sell online and at regional events. Here’s the link to their online store.

Again, shop here or buy online; both options are great. However, visiting the store heightens the experience. Don’t miss it if you are in the area or just passing by!

Three Birdies Boutique

This place offers Judy Blue Jeans in so many sizes! They are the brand’s exclusive dealer. They sell these and their other clothes in-store and online. The store stocks many types of Judy Blues, enough that most shoppers can try on their size even if the specific product must be ordered online. Shoppers here rave at the great fit Judy Blue offers.

Here’s the link to their store. Take a look, but be sure to stop here when you are in town.

Urban Edge

Another shop, Urban Edge, sells mostly apparel. The Edge is a boutique focusing on apparel, team apparel, accessories, and housewares. Local women make all the offerings sold here. The “back room” features themed apparel like the local high school and surrounding schools. Of course, Kansas City Chiefs apparel is prominent among the offerings!

I enjoyed talking to the owner and founder. She explained their products and how they acquire them. Again, nearly all of them come from local women who want an outlet to sell the products they’ve lovingly created.

Bridal by SHL

Here’s a link to the store. Please let all of your friends and family who live in the area know about this store. It’s a great addition to Kearney’s other experiences!

Conclusion and final thoughts about unique shops in Kearney, MO

Kearney certainly has its share of unique shops for your pleasure when visiting here. Be sure to tell your friends and family about shopping here. And spread the word around the Kansas City metro! The community is very welcoming, and we appreciate your presence.

Check out Kearney for your shopping, eating, historical, and fun times enjoyment!

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