Upper Peninsula of Michigan – June 2019

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Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Time for The Driveby Tourist to head off for Michigan. Why? Because it’s there! The Driveby Tourist missed Michigan in his travels over recent years. And the “U.P.” looks like a good place to visit. I understand there is a lot of beauty along the Great Lakes (both Michigan and Superior) and the inland rivers, lakes, waterfalls, foliage, and more. As a result, I’ll go and check for myself. And the trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan begins in a few days! Off to visit the Yoopers! If you want to read more about places in the UP, here’s a link to a fellow blogger’s post about all 15 counties!

Upper Peninsula
Will I see anything like this?
Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

Plans for the Upper Peninsula

Of course, I need some search material for Upper Peninsula attractions! Maybe the Upper Peninsula website (UP)? How about a link to a “Bucket List” for the UP? Looks like I’ll start at the “bottom” of the Upper Peninsula, which means I go through Green Bay. And how do you go through Green Bay without visiting Lambeau Field and maybe the Packers Hall of Fame? After all, the franchise is a legend. Even if you are a Vikings fan, I must admit that. Certainly, I’ll work out a visit to Michigan’s Weird Tourist attraction. Here’s a link.

Map and possibilities

Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Map of the intended route

Of course, need an initial “battle plan”. But as a famous general once said, all plans go out the window when the first shot is fired. (I hope no shots are fired, but since it’s among the Yoopers, one never knows!)

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The Driveby Tourist has been north to the Keweenaw Peninsula (which is a peninsula on a peninsula)! It’s the mass of land going north between stop 37 and stop 38. That’s why no attractions are scheduled up there.


Finally, The Driveby Tourist has a mission to visit all 50 states again from January of 2014 onward. The visit to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan checks that state off the list. While it’s not a bucket list item, it’s still a great place to visit. By the way, here’s a link to the ALL 50 STATE post!


Of course, no trip anywhere is complete without a Rock song reference. But the song “Escanaba” by Jimmy Lee and the Edge of Chaos Orchestra covers that. And that will close out the first Upper Peninsula post.

Classic Rock Recollection

“Winter wind you sure blow cold.
And living here a man could grow old.
Or free.
Escanaba you’ll do for me.” 

And here is a link to the first day of the journey. And a link to the second day as well. Again, a link to the third day as well!

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