Visit Spirit Lake Iowa – November 2018

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Visit Spirit Lake Iowa

What do you think when you hear “Iowa”? Certainly, you think this? (Link to another Iowa). Consequently, you need to visit Spirit Lake Iowa! Seems like lots of lakes when driving around. Great area to visit (in summer!)

Iowa Cornfield
Isn’t this what you think Iowa is?


Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake’s size makes it the second largest in this lakes area. In contrast, Lake Okoboji’s size is nearly double. The smaller lakes fit in around the area.

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Visit Spirit Lake Iowa
This is Spirit Lake.


Visit Spirit Lake Iowa
Finally, apartments and condos built on Spirit Lake. Much of this is summer occupied.


Lake Okoboji

Lake Okoboji dominates the other lakes. Smaller lakes make for a beautiful area and for more lakeshore as well. Since everyone wants to live on the “biggest”, property on Lake Okoboji is the most expensive.

Lake Okoboji
Lake Okoboji on a dull rainy day. It’s November so what do you think it should be like?


Lake Okoboji
Tour boat and pier on Lake Okoboji.


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A lake boat captain. Tribute to historical recreation on the lake.



Thinking of vacationing here? Here is a link

Short post. Iowa vacationing isn’t something many of you think about. Finally, Lake Okoboji makes a great place to spend a weekend. Or a week.


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