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I’m providing some opportunities to Visit travel blogger friends and other sites. I’ve met, communicated extensively online, or participated in various groups with all of these. They are all “solid” & trustworthy blogs and websites. And here’s a link back to my Home Page. I’ll look for more pictures as well. I want to find those that match my theme for this post.

Historic Route 66
Red brick Route 66 near Auburn IL

Two Brits visiting every place in the USA in a song title! (Haven’t met them but read their blog extensively and communicated by email for several years)

Travel Past 50 – From my home state and now travel the world!

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Sophie Uncharted (Met at TBEX in April 2021)

inspirational Travel Adventures (I’ve been a subscriber for several years.)

Joliet Prison from “The Blues Brothers” movie – Now Museum (Met at TBEX in April 2021)

Traveling with kids – Canada and the US (Met at TBEX in April 2021

How to Travel inexpensively
“Travel Freely”
“Thrifty Traveling”

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Otter Trail Scenic Byway
Otter Trail Scenic Byway

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Visit the Outcast Vagabond World Traveler (76/197)  (Met at TBEX, had several interesting conversations)
Read about Alaska, American West & Beyond (Met and TBEX in 2022, I’ve read the blog for several years. Presenter at TBEX.)
Park Ranger John (Also met at TBEX)
Impulsive Traveler Guy plans to visit every county in the US! (We met online and agreed to some sharing of links.)
Another Blogger friend just getting started! Salty Beaches (on Facebook) and she calls herself the “Saltiest Traveler!” (on the developing blog.)

Blogger friends I’ve met along the journey & More

Just Take One – Storytelling and Sharing

Follow along for additions to Visit travel blogger friends here. As I find other bloggers through my travels and other means, I’ll add them to my list. They will be bloggers I trust based on my experiences. If you have any issues with any of them, please let me know.

Again, I want to provide reliable information, especially on travel, but also on other bloggers who support me and/or I support them. It’s all about visiting other travel blogger friends and showing support!