Washington DC Mount Vernon before Night Tour – October 2018

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Washington DC Mount Vernon before Night Tour

Reaching the end of our trip. (Link back to the first post of trip.) Thought of a Bob Dylan song “It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there” indicating an ending. Guess that’s appropriate as the second part of this post IS after dark. A tour of the DC monuments at night. Washington DC Mount Vernon before Night Tour. Unfortunately, some health problems have marred this trip for both of us. Nothing big, just sort of put a “dent” in the trip. Oh, well, we did our best. 

Another insert: Found two round-trip tickets on SWA to BWI for $330. Used reward points from a Marriott credit card we had recently opened and paid for 2 nights with 6 nights paid by point. How often do you spend 8 days in DC with two people for less than $1000 for airfare and hotel?!

Now, I’m looking forward to our next trip! Biggest thing planned until the end of the year is a three-day, two night trip to Des Moines to see Bob Seger. When the tour was announced, I waited, and waited, and waited for a Twin Cities date to be announced. Two days after I bought the Des Moines tickets, the date for Excel Energy Center was announced. Guess we’ll be taking “That Long Lonesome Highway”. Plan to go to Florida at the end of January. See some friends, enjoy the warm weather.

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Ok, back on track for Washington DC Mount Vernon before Night Tour. 

Mount Vernon

Scheduled a noon bus trip to Mount Vernon with a couple stops in Alexandria. (For Minnesotans, that is VA, not MN!) Bus driver was a great tour guide. And since it was a Monday in October, we only had one other person on the bus! Personalized tour. 

Well, somehow didn’t get any pictures during this visit. Had been here before a long time ago, so must have just decided not to take any except these from Alexandria. Here is what I have!

Washington DC Mount Vernon before Night Tour
Christ Church in Alexandria. George Washington’s funeral was held here. Initial built as an Anglican church and was tax supported. After the Revolutionary War and Thomas Jefferson pushed religious freedom through Virginia and the new nation, parishioners started to pay upkeep.


George Washington FuneralPlaque commemorating the funeral service and the pallbearers of George Washington.

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Mount Vernon

Highly encourage DC visitors to see Mount Vernon. The original house and some of the original buildings are still there. All have been restored. Mount Vernon is located on the Potomac River. The river view from the back of the house is great!

Here is a link to Mount Vernon pictures.

George Washington inherited Mount Vernon when he was 22 years old. He added on two wings, one on each side of the house. He was away from here during the Revolutionary War and during the terms of his presidency. Since the nation’s Capitol was in Philadelphia during his presidency, returning home took much more time than today. Most noteworthy, he only lived two more years after his presidency ended. 


Washington DC after Dark.

The lighted monuments were great for viewing. This tour is very difficult to write about. Consequently, most of the pictures are shown with short comments. The pictures take your thoughts in so many directions.


Iwo Jima flag raising
Iwo Jima flag raising depicted in a statue.


Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Wall at night. While years have now passed, the wall still has a quiet, respectful feeling while visiting.


Vietnam Wall soldiers watching
Soldiers watching over their fallen brothers at the Wall


Vietnam Army Nurses memorial
Army Nurses who served in Vietnam are honored as well.




World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial has a standing slab for each state and each territory


Jefferson Memorial
Most noteworthy, Thomas Jefferson is portrayed watching the White House.


Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King’s statue is impressive. Furthermore, the statue is surrounded by excerpts from his speeches.


Reflection pond between Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument
Says it all


Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial at night


Gettysburg Address



Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial. All United Nations members who sent troops are shown in the surrounding wall.


White House at night
End of the night tour


Going home

The night tour is the last event of our trip. Head out the next day for home. Back to BWI by Uber and to MSP and then Uber again to home. Done. Bittersweet. Thought provoking. War and peace. History and politics. Highs and lows. 

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