Washington DC Part Three – September 2018

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Washington DC Part Three

Washington DC Part Three comments continue as a follow-up on Part Two. Consequently, museums are the focus of this post.  

Museum of American History

As “The Walkby Tourist”, I tend to move quickly. Because I probably won’t remember all of it anyway so take a few pictures and move on! Washington DC Part Three continues!

This museum has much history of America going back to colonial times through today. As a result, there are references to history and to pop culture.  And everything in between. Here is a link.

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Pictures from the museum

The best way to explain a museum is to show pictures! So, here they are!

Founding of Medtronics
We hear many stories about businesses being founded in someone’s garage. Interestingly, Medtronic was actually started in a garage in North East Minneapolis in 1949. Today, Medtronic is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices.

Here is a link to more Medtronic history. Another great American success story.

Medical Alley
Medtronic, the University of Minnesota, and Mayo Clinic led medical innovation.  Minnesota became a hot spot on the map for medical care.
Heartland of America
Lakes and rivers in the heartland of America.

Interestingly, part of this display was the Great River Road. Here is a link to my trip on that route.

First to drive across America
Jackson and Crocker became the first people to drive across the US in 1903

Here is a link to an article about the first road trip across America.  Hard to believe that a road trip needed to be invented!

Route 66
The Mother Road, America’s Main Street, the Will Rogers Highway. Route 66 still draws tourists from all over the world. 

Here is a link to my first day on a 17-day journey in April 2018.

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Eisenhower Interstate System
The Interstate Highway System dramatically changes America. Both good and bad. First of all, the highway system improved interstate commerce. The highway system also improved all types of road travel. Consequently, on the “downside”, it caused a number of small towns and attractions to die because there were cut off from the Interstate system.
Washington DC Part Three
Sculpture of George Washington illustrates the degree to which the early Americans considered him nearly a God.
D Day in Europe
Continuing the history, D Day happens in Europe.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
..and the war in the Pacific comes to an end.
United States Navy Memorial
Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue
Navy Museum
Has to be included for all of us Navy veterans.

International Spy Museum

D Day Misinformation
Garbo is a hero in the spy business. He created a full network of spies all from his fertile imagination. The Germans believed what he fed them and even awarded him an Iron Cross for his efforts.
D Day misinformation
The Allies created many pieces of misinformation. For example, fake sets of military equipment at the location where they would launch a major invasion of Pas-de-Calais. Even more of the misinformation to hide the true target of Normandy.
Manhattan Project
The Manhattan project had its own spies who gave or sold information to the Russians. As a result, the Soviet Union had an atomic bomb by 1949.
Cracking Japanese "Purple Code"
The US Army’s Signal Intelligence Service cracked the Japanese “Purple Code”. Because the British cracked the Enigma Nazi communications, soon the Americans and Brits signed a cooperative agreement in 1943.
Navajo Code Talkers
Navajo Code Talkers developed a code based on their language. The Japanese never broke the code. Consequently, the Navajo’s involved were heroes!
Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich, a German-born entertainer, became a US citizen and risked her life by entertaining troops on the front lines.
Julie Child, Spy
Interestingly, Julia Child worked for the OSS (British Secret Service) during the war as a clerk. 
Hollywood supports the war!
Hollywood actors and actresses supported the war effort. Several joined the military. American baseball player Moe Berg filmed Japanese military installations to help the US.

That’s the museums for this part of the trip. On the next part! Here lies a post to a blog about quirky trips.  Quirky doesn’t seem to fit this museum but it’s on the list from one of my research websites.

The Driveby Tourist

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    Didn’t know the Navy had a memorial. Have look it up on my next trip to D.C.

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      I should have taken a few more pictures. Too many things to see in DC. But I don’t think I’m ever going back there. Too many other places to go. Since Carol is from Philly, I suppose you do get there sometimes. If you haven’t seen the Internation Spy Museum, it’s a good tour. They are planning to move into a new building with expanded displays and programs so would be fun to see that. JeNell wants to go back, so maybe we will.

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