Washington DC Prep – September 2018

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Washington DC Prep

Washington DC Prep

Washington DC Prep
Will soon see this view!

Link to another memorable monument in Washington DC


Both of us have been to Washington DC, but it’s been a long time.  Therefore, we talked about going again but hadn’t planned a date. Inspired by The Daily Beat from Thrifty Traveler (link), snagged two Southwest round-trip tickets from MSP to BWI for $330! Besides that, a newly opened Marriott credit card got us 6 nights free at a Courtyard near the National Mall. Recommendations if you want to be ready to jump on great deals: 1. Most importantly, make a list of the places you want to see (or see again) in the next few years.  2. Subscribe to a list such as The Daily Beat (Link). 3. Be ready to “jump on it”the same day. (As Willie Nelson sings “On the Road Again, Just can’t wait to be on the road again”.)

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Gathering information

Remembering from past trips is important. First, the major points of interest to see. Second, contact the Congressman’s office for tickets as required. Third, trusty old Internet! Another source is asking friends and family of their favorites in recent years. Seems like we will forget something and “virtually slap ourselves” afterward.

Washington DC Prep

Doesn’t matter how much electronics you have, buy at least one good paper map of the major areas to see. Above all, if you are a “Driveby Tourist” like me (“Walkby is the operative word for this trip”) come to some agreement with your travel partner on how to negotiate one person’s need to see more depth while the Walkby Tourist has the need to see more breadth!

Since we are going to Washington DC, reminds me of the Navy Reunion trip from May 2018. Link. I guess because we were “working for the government”! (Don’t know why I leave this in here!)

Key visits are Capitol, White House, Supreme Court and several museums that weren’t there the last time.  (Holocaust and African American History and Culture, for example.) In addition, there are memorials that weren’t there either. (MLK, FDR, etc.) Certainly, want to have the DC at night tour. Even more, Mount Vernon for a full day is on our list.

One of our group finds politics “repulsive” and the other who is interested in all the news that comes out! (Should be interesting!)

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Heading out

Get ready to be awake by “Oh Dark Thirty” for an early flight. (MSP to ATL, ATL to BWI). Exhausted when we get there!

Likely not as prepared as we want to be! Add to post after the fact. While there, we saw a display in memory of Veteran Suicides which was sobering.

The Driveby Tourist