Wrigley Field Chicago Illinois

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The Friendly Confines! Yes, that’s a nickname for Wrigley Field Chicago Illinois. Of course, The Driveby Tourist and his wife had a great time at the game. Unquestionably, Wrigley is an iconic baseball stadium. Wrigley has stood the test of time. Especially since it opened over 100 years ago. In 1914 to be exact. Certainly, you should attend when in Chicago. What’s more, the Cubs have some of the best fans in baseball. Without a doubt, going over 100 years between winning World Series, and still a huge fan base!

Wrigley Field Chicago Illinois

Yup, that’s our tickets and we’re already at the game! Great day to visit Wrigley. Cool and comfortable. However, the Cubs lost. (But the Twins won that day!) Again, this is a “must-see” in Chicago.

Wrigley Field Chicago Illinois

Wrigley opened for baseball in 1914. While it is the second-oldest ballpark in the majors, Fenway is only two years older. After that, all the old stadiums fell to the wrecking ball. As I have noted in another post, the third oldest park is Dodger Stadium in LA. And it opened in 1962. The Driveby Tourist also visited Fenway in 2016. In truth, we actually enjoyed Fenway more but it was probably due to our surroundings. And the game involved the Red Sox and the Yankees! All things considered, the Cubs have more fans than the White Sox, at least from what I can find.

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Wrigley Memorabilia

As can be seen, Wrigley appears unique with such displays as selling memorabilia on a very high rack outside the stadium. Mostly Cubs wear but a few other items as well.


Gameday. Additionally, Lee Smith, former Cubs pitcher, honored for his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY. As shown above, Wrigley has obstructed view seats. And we had great seats as we had the home plate screen in front of us!

More Wrigley and Cubs information


For example, Wrigley shows its age with the old fashioned scoreboard. Although the park continues to be modernized, the manual scoreboard originally installed in 1938 is still in use. (Fenway Park in Boston owns the only other manual scoreboard).

Of course, I must show the field. View to right field and the ubiquitous Budweiser sign. Again, great seats. About 20 rows back from the Cubs dugout.

As long as I showed a right field view, here is left field at Wrigley. Wrigley remains a great old ballpark. What’s more, did you know that Wrigley didn’t have lights on the field until 1988? On the other hand, every other team had lights long before this. By the ways, the Cubs still play the fewest night games of all major league clubs. I guess old habits die hard!

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Wrigley Rooftops

Wrigley Rooftops

Wrigley Rooftops existed since the park was built. But until about 1980, only a few attendees saw the game for free. In the early 1980s, the rooftop owners began building bleaches, box seats under the bleachers, and selling tickets. Of course, the Cubs took a dim view of “stealing” game revenue. Eventually, the rooftop owners and the Cubs reached an agreement where 17% of the revenue went to the Cubs. Over the years, the legal wrangling continued. In 2015, the Cubs owners started to buy the rooftops. Currently, the Cubs owners now own or control eleven of the thirteen rooftops.

Final thoughts regarding the field

Wrigleyville is named for the park. The area contains bars and restaurants and many restored homes. In what was once a working-class neighborhood, now becomes a great place to eat and drink. With the gentrification, the area became a very safe neighborhood as well. Of course, Wrigley field draws huge crowds for home games. And Wrigleyville draws people when there is no game either.

Classic Rock Recollection

“Cubs in Five” by The Mountain Goats

They’re gonna find intelligent life up there on the moon
And The Canterbury Tales will shoot up to the top of the best-seller list
And stay there

For twenty-seven weeks
And the Chicago Cubs will beat every team in the league
The Tampa Bay Bucs will make it all the way through January
And I will love you again
I will love you like I used to
I will love you again

Written by: John Darnielle
The Mountain Goats formed in 1991 when often the only member was John Darnielle. Over the years, they’ve added members and collaborated with others. Most important, how could I resist using a song with “Cubs” in it! And should include Wrigley Field.